12 June 2008
Updated 6/14/08

From: Marial Ludwig
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 8:47 AM
Subject: Ripon is still here!!
In case you did not hear it on the news, Ripon and the area got hit with heavy downpours of rain yesterday and more rain coming!  Nick had 5 inches of rain in his gauge!  We had a "state of emergency" last night. Our city shut down--No one in or out because of the flooding.  Even the cell phones failed to work last night!  Ripon has a small creek that divides the city in half.  We are on the North side and all the bridges were flooded so we couldn't get to the South side!  Highway 23 through the West side of Ripon had 2 feet of water on it!  They had fire trucks blocking all of the roads in to Ripon!  We had water in the basement twice last night when it rained hard.  Shop Vacs are great!  Darrel has water in his basement.  Ripon is a "watershed" area and the radio said the South side of Ripon is all lakes today!   Anyone with damage is to call cityhall so they can apply for FEMA!
Highway 41 was shut down last night between Oshkosh and Fond du Lac!  Highway 23 to Fond du Lac is still closed today!
All the cities and towns around Ripon are flooded too!  A lot of roads are closed today due to flooding.  Jon and Mike live in Oshkosh and their basements are flooded too!  Last time I talked to Jon last night he had 18 inches in his basement and his refrig down there was floating!  My Brother has a hardware store in Markesan and they had a tornado touch down there along with the flooding!!  I haven't talked to him yet today, but I'm sure he's mopping up the store!  They have declared Fond du lac County a disaster area!  I sure Green Lake and Winnebago Counties will be declared disaster areas also!
Darrel has a couple of his racing boats hanging in our garage!  If it gets to bad, we'll get the boats out!!
I sure hope these next rains storms go someplace else instead of around coming here!!

I-90/94 Closing; I-39 May be Closed; Drivers Urged to Stay Off Roads


Fond du Lac County Executive Al Buechel is declaring Fond du Lac County a disaster as a result of the widespread flooding.  Local law enforcement is advising all residents to avoid flooded areas and remain at home unless travel is absolutely necessary.  Multiple roads have been closed due to the flooding.  Highway 26 from Highway 151 to the Winnebago County line, Highway 26 off ramps to Waupun, Highway 26 by Hollander Dr, Highway KK by Brandon Road, County Road MMM, and County M south into the city of Waupun are all CLOSED.  Highway 23 is detoured around Rosendale and Highway 49 is down to one lane.  The City of Fond du lac is requesting all residents to use water for consumptive use only.  Approximately 350 people have been evacuated from their homes in the city.


Heavy flooding is just one of the problems the City of Ripon faced following last night’s storms.  Starting around 4pm, the city saw a large amount of rain fall in a short period of time – causing the majority of the streets to be flooded or blocked due to downed power lines and branches.  Multiple cars were stalled throughout the city, and manhole covers blown off due to the flooding.  Michaelene’s on North Union Street was evacuated around 10 last night.  Residents were moved to Maplecrest Manor on Douglas Street. Ripon Mayor Aaron Kramer declared a state of emergency for the city due to the danger of the situation.   As of one this morning, a little over five inches of rain fell in the city.  Surrounding cities were also hit by the storms.  Both Brandon and Fairwater declared a State of Emergency, and a tornado touched down in Markesan and Marquette.  Oshkosh saw about three-fourths of their city under water and had to use buses to pick up stranded individuals.  As of right now, no injures have been reported.


Residents in the City of Green Lake continue to deal with a mess from the storms.  The rain produced many problems, including flooded streets, washed out culverts, and up to two feet of water in the public works building.  One couple had their basement wall collapse because of the excess water.  Sandbagging efforts were used on the spillway – which is located across from Adam’s Rib in Downtown Green Lake.   As of right now, no injuries have been reported.  Local officials say to drive carefully and be aware of the road conditions at all times.


Flooded basements, impassable roads...general widespread flooding throughout the city of Fond du lac. Many streets turned into Rivers....several feet deep in several areas...on Maona, Pioneer Road, Martin Avenue and several side streets. Fond du Lac County Emergency Management Director, Erin Gerad, says flooded basements are reported throughout the city.  Gerad says there is sewage back up in many basements.  Crews are sandbagging along the Fond du lac River and other places throughout the county.  Many streets and roads are impassable.   Wave after wave of thunderstorms rolled north out of  southern Wisconsin into the Fond du Lac area starting late Thursday afternoon...and continuing for hours.