28 March 2009

Hi Marial and classmates of 1965.

I see from the website that I am  missing.  So here is an update,
Don Hinds and wife, Mary are alive and healthy.

I am a professional portrait photographer and we have a portrait 
studio in the main business district of Geneva, Illinois, which is 
about 40 miles west of Chicago.

Mary and I will be celebrating 43 years of marriage, next week and we 
live in Sycamore, IL.

If we are not photographing something and it is a warm day, you will 
probably find us riding around in our Corvette Convertible. We are 
members of the Fox Valley Corvette Club in Batavia Illinois. We have 
about 200 Corvettes in the club and enjoy lots of cruises and car shows.

If anybody is curious, you may check out our corporate website at:  

Best wishes to everyone.

Don & Mary Hinds


11 July 05

Dear friends,
I want to say hallo to all of you and apologize for not attending the reunion this time, because our schoolyear hasn't ended yet and I still have to teach.  I still remember the last reunion with great pleasure.  It would have been great to meet you all again, talk to you about old times in Ripon, have fun and laugh together and recognize how we have changed again after all these years.

I hope that we will have the opportunity to meet after the next
five years, because by then I'm on pension and won't work any more. So let's hope!

A special greeting to wonderful people, Barb and Cris Jonson ,who hosted us the last time in Ripon and we enjoyed our stay at their home very much.  We are very thankful for that!

Now folks, as Duane would say, enjoy your party and have a nice time together!

Also a hearty greeting to all of you from my husband Rainer!

Miss you all !

                              Love  Ingrid from Germany


June 2006
Fr. Wally Kasuboski:   I am sorry I will not be in the country to join you all at big reunion party. I will be in the jungles of Panama...you may visit me on the web at www.frwally.com. God bless you all.

Bonnie Briese Turney and Dick Neitzke:   We are going to Philadelphia to be married August 17, 2005. Our kids are planning the wedding!

Janice Downs Peterson:   Married 33 years! Sorry, Can't make it this year, but wishing everyone a good time and greetings.

Pat Casati Jaquish: Recently started our own business, Jaquish Land Surveying LLC. Need a survey?

Margie Malzhan Walker: Sorry, have a wedding to attend on 7/9. May get to Miller's Fri. nite!!

Jim Miller: Sorry unable to attend for dinner due to a wedding, but will try to stop out after the wedding to socialize!!
Bette (Braun) Schauer:
I'm sorry I haven't gotten my form sent back in. At this point it looks like I will not be able to make the reunion. Unlike so many of our classmates, I am not retired! In fact, I'm still averaging 45-50 hours a week. Anyway, summer is when so many of our employees want to take vacations (go figure) that we end up working short half the time. So, I will miss seeing everyone and hope you have as wonderful a time as all of the past reunions!

Jim and I took a trip to New Zealand to visit Aaron this past April. It was really an amazing time (in spite of the 30 hours of travel to get there!) New Zealand is absolutely beautiful--very rugged country. We went 4-wheeling and hiking in the mountains as well as taking the Tranzalpine train ride across country. I recommend the trip to anyone who loves to travel! I hope everything goes smoothly for the reunion and once again, thanks for all of your hard work putting this together. Hope to see some great pics on the website!

Sharon Buchholz Poblitz: Roger and I will celebrate our 40th. wedding anniversary Sept. 11, 2005.

Peter Dart-Fashun: Still alive!!

Ann Dee Hammen Peth:   Anyone that has $ to spare--feel free to send it our way-We'll use it on our farm-we can always use it!! (smile!!). Come out to visit our 300 dairy cows!!

Victor Luther: Keep up the good work!

Kristine Ristau Anderson: Hi to everyone!!

Catherine (Cathy) Struve Benish:
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 7:55 PM Subject: Reunion
Hi Marial –
First of all, I want to thank all of the Reunion Committee for the hard work and dedication to make these reunions a success. I have not been to one in some years but look forward to attending this year. Pictures on the net looked like you had a ton of fun!!  I am still living on the northwest side of Milwaukee – same address for 30 years!!   I am working FT as a medical transcriptionist for Aurora Health Care and also transcribe at home on a PT basis for a transcription service – no retirement yet for me!    

My two children both graduated from UWM this May 22nd … my son Neal with a Master’s in Engineering and my daughter Nicole with a Bachelor’s in Journal/Mass Communication.  My son lives near Miami, FL – thus I get to travel to visit him.   My husband died in 1997 due to complications of a bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia. I keep busy with my two jobs and enjoying time with my family and friends. I have a cottage in Adams, WI so keeping up two homes keeps me pretty well occupied as well.   Looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.

Joanne Benkoski, Miami, Fla.:   Hi, I am glad everyone is retiring these days.  Can't imagine what that is like.  I just graduated from Marquette University May 22nd with a Master's Degree in acute care nursing and am studying for my national certification exam.  I probably will not make the reunion since I will be working alot this summer.   I plan to interview for a new job by the end of the summer - maybe in the midwest since I am missing my Mom and family alot. As for the theory of slowing down with age, I haven't had the luxury for that and will be need peak stamina to keep up with the demands of critical care.  I'll be working out and riding my bike alot this summer.  What exactly does everyone do when they retire? Everything I like costs money so I will be working.  I want to buy a house and get out of this condominium.  Will try to make it there for the reunion but am doubtful if I can make it. 

Cynthia Ashley, Oakland, CA: Dreaming of retiring from a rewarding career as a museum administrator.

Jean Berger, Fond du Lac, WI: Comment from Marial: Jean has Huntington's Chorea Disease. Her Mother, Mary Ann Will, passed away in Feb. and Judy Braun Dudzinski said Jean is not doing very good. Perhaps, classmates could send Jean a card or note to cheer her up! Jean's address is:
Fond du Lac Mental Care Center 
459 E 1st St 
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Daryl Bly, Ripon, WI:   His Wife and classmate, Kathy Young Bly, has Picks disease. She resides at Fountainview Care Center, 50 Wolverton Ave., Ripon, WI 54971 (comment from Marial: It would be nice if classmates would send her a card or note!)

Bob Bloedel, Ft. Meyers, FL:   We are unable to attend this year's reunion. We may try to come to Ripon in October for the high school homecoming.

Mary Boese Zink, Punta Gorda, FL:   Happily retired and enjoy traveling.

Cheryl Bradley Miller, Ripon, WI:   Have a great 40th! Sorry to miss everyone as we are on vacation.

Sheila Diekvoss Shuler, Milford, MI:   Retired June, 2004, after 37 years in education. Enjoying babysitting, travel and doing "whatever I want, when I want!" My son, Charles, is being married on July 9th. so unfortunately I'll miss the reunion. Enjoy!! I'd like to hear from former classmates via e-mail!

Roger Fenner, Ripon, WI: I  t's a bummer when you get older!

Lynda Gloyd, Daleville, AL:   Sorry we won't be able to make the reunion. We'll be fishing in Alaska. Hope to make the next one in 5 years.

Gail Harms Clarke, Mill Valley, CA:   living in San Francisco area--if you are coming this way we welcome your visit!!

Judy Huebl Dewar, Ripon, WI:   Retirement is wonderful!

Shelly Kahl Chikowski, Berlin, WI:   Bob & I celebrated our 35th. wedding anniversary on 2/28/05.

Sally Kindschi & Jack Schuler, Bayside, WI:   Jack & I can't make the reunion this year. We know it will be a ton of fun to see everyone. We wish we could be there with all of you. Say hi from us!!

LuAnn Miller Weldon, Montello, WI:   Retirement life is great!

Bob Moodie, Plover, WI:   Thanks for doing this. If it weren't for a reunion every five years, I would never lose any weight!

Peggy Ninz Byers, Boyce, VA:   We won't be able to make this year's reunion. Please give my best to everyone!!

Diane Prellwitz Stephens, LaVernia, TX: We live 25 miles east of San Antonio. If anyone visits and needs a tour guide, please call! We'd love it!!

Susan Rashid Horn, Providence, RI:   So sorry I can't attend this year. I expect to complete PHD in May, 2006 and start a new career researching and teaching writing at a university.

Mary Jo Schultz Updike, Evansville, WI:   Planning to retire within the year. Built a new home in Clermont, FL.

LuAnn Stibb, Middleton, WI:   still working full time, but now with the WI Dept of Tourism. Enjoy excellent health and much happiness.

Ingrid Weinberg Schmolke, Lingen, Germany:   I'm glad that you still think of this German exchange girl that enjoyed being in Ripon so much. I will not be able to attend because I'm still in the teaching business and at that date we haven't got summer vacations yet. So hopefully I have to wait for the next reunion. Hope you all are fine. Please give my regards to all my former classmates . Love to you all and best wishes.

Sandi Zimmerman Coleman, Mt. Beauty, Victoria, Australia:   Wish I could be there, but it was Awesome to catch up with some of you last January when I visited Ripon!!

Wayne Zuege, Bradenton, FL:   Retired and moved to Florida!


May 2005

Gail Dordick Baron

Wanted to bring you up to date and maybe you can pass this along to whomever for the upcoming reunion.

March 31, 2004 I retired from my law firm of 20 years. Had worked for the same Employment Law partner all that time. We can from another law firm and I worked for him there for 5 years -- so longer than some marriages last!

Now that my husband and I are retired, we moved from the Philadelphia area to Jacksonville, FL. What a wonderful area, growing enormously and quickly. We had a house built and made settlement last October. My parents live with us here. They moved up from Boca Raton, but now in their 80s, it is really a big help for them having them here with us.

I am doing proofreading for a Jacksonville court reporter part-time. Got certified as a professional proofreader a couple years ago up north at one of the local colleges, this has really helped me in my search. Actually, I did this part time while I worked at the law firm.

So many of the names I remember from Ripon days and faces too. Of course, I wonder whether anyone remembers who I am. I hope the reunion goes well. Please spread the word, if you can, of my e-mail and let everyone know I send my regards.

Here in Florida, we're getting ready for the hurricane season which begins June 1. In Jacksonville, however, we are pretty much spared anything horrific with the exception of high winds and rains. A few tornadoes maybe. Last year, our first, even with 5 hurricanes, we never lost power. We were still in an apartment waiting for the house to be built. We just bought a generator of keep things powered should we lose power.

Well, hope things are well with you. If you get a moment, jot me a line to let me know how you are.

Warm regards, Gail Dordick Baron

Jacksonville, FL  32258


March 2005

Vicki McLaren Shea
Rumor has it that Vicki and her husband, Greg, sold their house in Ohio, brought a yacht and are sailing for 2 years.  They're headed for Panama area now and then will sail their way to New Zealand.  They kind of want to "go around the world"!



Fr. Wally "Padre Pablo" Kasuboski



Dear Ripon friends,

Some of you may not even remember me-Nevy Morse Naill.  I moved away from Ripon after 7th grade, but I still remember a lot of you, and have very fond memories of our years in Ripon.  Hera Goodrich was my closest friend.  We stayed good friends until she died a few years ago of ALS, or Lou Gerig's disease.  You probably  remember that her mother, Helen was our first music teacher, and moved up to the Junior High at the same time we did. 

Well, Helen had a stroke last Sunday and is in a rehab. center in Fond du Lac.  If any of you would have the time or interest to send a card, I'm sure that it would cheer her up greatly to know that some of her former students remember her a little, and care about her in her time of recovery.  She must be about 85 or so, and many of her friends and relatives, (including her daughter) have passed away already.  It was a great stroke of luck that her son and granddaughter were there at the time it happened.  You don't have to write much, but cards always help encourage a person going through this sort of thing.  Her address right now is:

          (note: Helen Goodrich has since moved to Colorado  - see Nevy)

I have been living in Muskegon, MI. for about 15 years and am a music teacher myself.  I teach two days a week in a Montessori school, and two days I teach private voice students at my children's HS.  My husband is a Radiation Oncologist and treats cancer patients in one of our local hospitals.  Our daughter was married last June and teaches World studies and English in a HS about 35 miles away.  Our son is graduating this year and will attend Alma College here in MI. next fall.

It's hard to believe that we are all "maturing" at such a pace.  When you think back to our school days, doesn't it seem like a very short time ago? 

Thanks for your thoughts and kindness to Helen.  I'm sure she will be surprised and happy to hear from some of you.

Fondly,  Nevy Morse Naill

PS  Drop me an e-mail sometime, too, if you have time.

My address is:   Ginevra Morse Naill  (Nevy)
                        4026 Oak Hollow Ct.
                        Muskegon, MI. 49441


August 14, 2000:  Pat Spielvogel Nissen:   So glad to hear via E-mail about the reunion and other ventures such a having the underwear "mogal" in our class. Too funny!!! I'm still in Grafton, married to the same man and doing well despite being over "50".  Work parttime and work out to keep the body going. Nicole, my daughter is living on the Milwaukee's East Side, so we are able to keep close.   The reunion news sounded so positive.....I'm sure everyone really appreciated all the work that was done prior the date to make it a special evening.   Thanks for the continuing E-mails and jokes (BOB!!!) It's nice to hear from the Ripon gang!!!!!!

June 15, 2000:  Judy Gomol's message:  "Just a quick note to say that we have received your request for updated information about George, and he'll respond to you shortly. But I just wanted to tell you that I think your team must be the most fun bunch of people around!! And I wasn't even in your class! I receive all your emails on my computer and convey them to George -- and I envy your class! I graduated from a school on an Army base, so NONE of my classmates or their families are still in that area. We NEVER have reunions!! So consider me an adopted member of your class, even though George and I will be unable to attend in July. We regret missing the fun. George, as you may know, attended him mother's funeral last month in Ripon, and we just cannot swing TWO trips all the way from Africa in one year. But have a great time, and please include us in all further plans for reunions you may have!!    Judy Gomoll"

June 12, 2000:   Gary's message:  "Sorry to let you know, there won't be a "Throbs" reunion this time.   I will not be able to attend the R.H.S. 35th Reunion on July 22nd.   Tell everybody I said HI...and HAVE FUN! Sincerely,    Gary Bradley"

June 12, 2000:   Bob's message:   "Looking forward to golf followed by party at Miller's Tavern & Saturday night party.  You bet I have the video of our two 1964 football games versus Waupun and Oshkosh Lourdes.  It's hard to believe we were that BAD!!!   Remember that this film is in black & white......no color in 1964!   I will leave the VHS video with Cris Johnson in case anyone wants a copy to show their kids or grandkids. Personally, I would be embarrassed to show this film to anyone who was not on the field making an ass of themselves with me.  I also plan to bring a number of pairs of FunnyUndies.com commemorating our RHS REUNION to be given away by the committee as prizes for whatever they see fit.
See you guys in July!
Bob & Barbara Bloedel

June 12, 2000:   Jane Welch's Message:    "First I have to say that you guys are doing a great job getting this reunion organized -- Cudos to all of you.   Directory Information:  I don't have much to add to the Directory that I didn't already send in.   Hobbies - my garden and my "kids" -- a dog, two cats, and two parrots (umbrella cockatoo and an african grey).   I was very saddened at the growing list of classmates who are no longer with us. But, I guess it's a fact of life that we aren't getting any younger.   I'm looking forward to seeing you again real soon."

June 12, 2000:   Bette Braun's Message:  "Thank you for all of the hard, time consuming work you have put into this reunion.  A couple of things for the directory that I don't think I included before.   I have three grandchildren; Michael, son of Ben and Pam-who is 1 1/2 yr old;  Abigail, 3 1/2 and Breanna 1 yr, daughters of Jenny and Dan. "Papa" (Jim)  and I watch the two girls every Tues. and Thurs, it's a blast and Papa says it keeps us young, I think it makes me tired!   Jenny, Dan, Ben, Nathan (#2 son), sometimes Aaron (#3 son), Jim and I all work at Krolls together; it's not always easy, but believe it or not, we spend a lot of "social" time together too.  My primary job at Krolls is to manage the office.   I do find time to enjoy my two hobbies. I have extensive flower gardens all around the house and seem to be constantly adding more;  I also have a large vegetable garden and I love to share info with other gardeners. My other hobby is counted crosstitch, which I never have enough time for, and someday I may make some pieces for myself instead of the kids and grandkids!   See you in July, looking forward to the reunion.
Bette (Braun) Schauer"

June 12, 2000:   Gail Dordick's Message:  "I'm glad you didn't forget me!  I am on the distribution list, but my e-mail address is incorrect. Thanks for noticing it and updating.  I was surprised to hear of some departed classmates, some of those I remember: Bill Condon; Darlene Stollfus Hoyt; Hera Goodrich.  Although I was not at the school long because my family traveled so much, I do recall and can pictures these individuals.    I cannot give you anyone to contact for future gatherings, but rest assured I will keep in touch with you and Ellen as time permits.  I know I have been negligent with correspondence, but there seems to be so little time.  Have a grand time at the reunion.  I will not be able to join all of  you, but will be there in heart on July 22.  Marial, now that I have your phone and address, I may give you a call.  Thanks again for forwarding this message onto me."


December 12, 1999    Lodging

1-800-634-3444 or 920-748-7578
1219 West Fond du Lac Avenue
The staff at AmericInn prides itself in serving its customers by providing the best quality lodging available.
You will always find a warm friendly reception as well as immaculately clean and tastefully appointed guest
rooms. Indoor pool, whirlpool and sauna.

Best Western - Welcome Inn
1-800-528-1234 or 920-748-2821
240 East Fond du Lac Avenue
Located near downtwon Ripon
Best Western - Welcome Inn is your vacation headquarters in historic Ripon, located only one block from
downtown. You will find comfortable guest rooms, a full-service restaurant, lounge, banquet facilities and
meeting rooms.

Travelers' Rest Motel
1055 West Fond du Lac Avenue
Quality at reasonable rates is what you find at Travelers' Rest Motel. Travelers' Rest has a long-standing
reputation for affordability with newly remodeled rooms, Cable TV and free local calls. Children under 12
free with an adult and pets are welcome. Group, commercial and weekly rates are available.

Thorne Apple Inn
515 Thorne Street
Located next to the Ripon College campus, this charming Victorian Bed and Breakfast is the perfect setting
for your family's vacation.

November 21, 1999:    Check your mailbox.  First reunion 2000 mailing sent November 22, 1999.


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