Past Reunions

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What would we do without Duane and John ???

Ingrid's FIRST reunion in 35 years.

                       Steve Thompson            Rick Kuhs     Tim Stellmacher        Bill Carley (Bill's 1st reunion too!)

A few of the WINNERS !  

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THROBS  Tambourine Man says:  "there won't be a "Throbs" reunion this time.  I will not be able to attend the R.H.S.
35th Reunion on July 22nd.  Tell everybody I said HI...and HAVE FUN!   

Sincerely,   Gary Bradley"  6/12/2000

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Ripon School District 

Do you believe it ...  122 registered attendees

7/22/00:   Who will be at the Reunion?    Marial, Nick, Cris, Carol(2), TomW(2), SteveT(2), Bruce(2), Rick V(2), SusanM(2), LuAnnM(2), PattiC(2), Holly, Steph(2), BobBl(2), CindyA(3), BillCa(2), CindyS(2), RonF, JamesD(2), JaneW, Irgrid(2), Sally&Jack, RogerF(2), SherryE(Fri only), GerryW(2), KarenK(2), Richard(Jake)J(2), DavidK(2), JohnH(2), EllenP(2), GeorgeB(2), MaryJoS, DaveW(2), TimS(2), CharlesB(2), Nancy(2), SharonB(2), GailH(2), JanM(2), MarkM(2). CherylB(2), LuAnnS, BobMo(2), BarbaraW(2), JohnC(2), VictorL(2), NelsonH(2), JudyB(2), BonnieB, Jayne&Ed, SusanR, MaryBo(2),  BetteB, JoannS, SandraD, TomS(2), Duane(2), PattyW(2), TerryO(2), NancyM, KathleenH, RickK(2), JeanS, PeggyN(2), FrancieB, 

Teachers:  Keith Bartig (2), Jack Sitter(2)



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2000 Reunion Committee:    Cris Johnson * Marial Grams Ludwig *Carol Henshaw Prellwitz* Nick Berg

        :            -)  Thanks * The Committee -1     


unofficial   REUNION 2002 May

These guys just can't stay away from the SPOT ... Why are they REALLY smiling ?

They just found out what is coming to the SPOT. 

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